Praise the Lord, Saints!

The Fifth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church has committed this Quadrennial (2016- 2020) to walk in (not “into,” but “in”) our destiny as the Holy Nation that the Lord has ordained us to be.  Our mandate is found in Nehemiah 8: 1 – 10 and I Peter 2: 1 – 10.

Since the journey from “where we are” to “the place in Christ that we are destined to be” is long, we will follow a Quadrennial Calendar divided into Annual Seasons to plot our progress.

Year ONE – the Season of Lent; Year TWO – the Season of Epiphany; Year THREE – the Season of Pentecost; and Year FOUR – the Season of Kingdomtide.

Throughout our journey, we will strive “to let our heaven taught conduct show that we are commissioned from above.” (Go forth Ye Heralds in My Name!)

Feel free to peruse the Fifth Episcopal District website, engage at whatever level you are comfortable, and know that you are welcome to journey with us.

Clement W. Fugh
Presiding Bishop 

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